Celebrity Apprentice Recap on S14E5

Celebrity Apprentice Recap on S14E5

PMs: Geraldo Rivera (again!) for Vortex vs Ian Ziering for Infinity.
The Task: To sell wedding dresses for a lot of money!


Firstly, Donald split up the teams. Ian, Terrell and Johnny moved over to Infinity. Shawn, Vivica and Kate moved over to Vortex. Wise move, Mr Trump. Splitting up Ian and Geraldo = head to head pissing competitions. And keeping Kenya and Brandi on the same team = genius. Let the cat fights continue!

Notes –

  • Ian, I would like to hire you as my official wedding planner because what you did with the space was beautiful!
  • Ian sure does like to talk a lot but he’s so sweet. Loving the retro suit he wore in the boardroom – although, Terrell, you looked damn fine in yours!
  • Kate’s idea to have a beauty bar was clever – and even if she had brought in the least amount of money, I dare say this would have been enough to save her (with Shawn ultimately going home, I predict). Brilliant.
  • Whether Brandi had a real panic attack or wanted to leave so badly she brought on a panic attack remains to be seen, but she certainly did her part for the team.
  • A $165,000 cheque! Wowzers! I don’t ever remember a team receiving such a big cheque! I could be wrong – but that’s a lot of money!
  • Could anyone see Brandi and Kenya having an all out cat-fight on the boardroom table? Donald, Don and Eric were begging for it!
  • And hey, anyone see that Chippendale dancer from The Amazing Race make an appearance?

In the boardroom, we find out that the winning team won by a tiny $2500. Geraldo looked worried! Geraldo and Ian agree to keep their own money they raised themselves as it would have been wrong to not split the money – and Geraldo comes out on top.

It was for charity so there are no losers, but Ian looked defeated. And rightly so! If only with a touch of ego, he had every right to be upset. Beating Geraldo would have been sweeeeet!

There was no doubt that Terrell would not be fired if Infinity lost. He brought in the least amount of money, his cheque didn’t show up which would have won the task for them and he showed the least amount of enthusiasm during the task (but wasn’t Ian sweet trying to channel the negative bitchy energy into something positive. Bless.)

Still, what a classy way to leave the show. I respect that.

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