Celebrity Apprentice Recap on S14E7

Celebrity Apprentice Recap on S14E7

PMs: Leeza Gibbons for Infinity vs Lorenzo Lamas for Vortex.
The Task: To create a viral video for Chock Full O’ Nuts Coffee.


So let’s focus for a moment on how funny Brandi (in regards to Kenya) was in this episode! “Smother me with her giant knockers!” and “Would like to be the shit out of Kenya” were some of my favourite Celebrity Apprentice quotes ever! Go Brandi! You’ve won a fan in me!

But to the task. Oh Geraldo. You were so amusing in this episode and you did an amazing job. Didn’t you love the backhanded compliment from Lorenzo about Geraldo being “so old” that he was perfect for the video.

Also, did Brandi forget to wear a top? Hmm.

Infinity chooses to go risque with their video. Vortex chooses to play it safe.

Ian’s idea about using King Kong … on a four hour task. Tut tut. Hilarious!

Actually something interesting happened this episode because I didn’t like Ian, I liked Geraldo (which is crazy, right?!) and I warmed to Brandi. Something surely is afoot at the Circle K (Sorry Bill and Ted reference). And poor Sig being underutilized … actually I forgot he was in the show as he rarely gets any screen-time. This goes too for Johnny.

Regardless of the outcome, I thought Lorenzo and Geraldo made a good team. I also thought that Lorenzo was a good PM. Leeza didn’t impress me as much as I thought she would let’s face it, Ian got more screen-time so that it is hard to judge her on her PM skills when we didn’t see much of her. I still think she will make it to the final four.

My predictions were if Vortex loses, Kate goes home – if pushed hard enough that she held up production … and mainly because Donald Trump doesn’t respect her. If Infinity loses, I thought Ian might go home, also for holding up production.

I also thought that Vortex had this in the bag, as I thought the Infinity video was too risque. This was however until I saw Vortex’s video and saw how “commercial” they made it with the voice over. What were they thinking? Clearly, they needed a younger team member to fill them in on what a viral video means. I’m sure Kevin, Jamie and Shawn were laughing their asses off at home watching!

I think if Vortex took the later half and turned it into a flash-mob, it would have been a winner. But that’s just my opinion as it depends how much product placement could be put in there I would say …

Any who, by a landslide, Infinity comes out on top.

And this leads to a pretty straight forward boardroom as Lorenzo takes the high road and says he is at fault. I don’t think he “threw in the towel” as Infinity stated. No one on their team did anything wrong to lay blame.

But, notes:

  • Ivanka’s boardroom dress sure was pretty!
  • Once again, Donald cuts Kate off when she tries to speak. Poor Kate. Diddums.
  • Does anyone know what show won an Emmy that Donald called a “piece of crap”? I must Google this. EDIT: Oh The Amazing Race – which I also love! :\
  • “Get in the boardroom and Donald slams his fist down your throat” = best.

Until next time!

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