Survivor: Worlds Apart S30E1

Recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart S30E1


White Collar vs Blue Collar vs No Collar is a pretty straight forward concept.

I don’t want to go too much into it but my notes for episode one are this:

  • Why do boys insist on wearing underwear that shows every single outline. Swinging doodles are distracting to watch. It’s like a pendulum or spinning wheel. Back and forth … back and forth …
  • Dan from Blue Collar has the right underwear idea. Shivers. Put a shirt on man! I don’t have a problem with extra weight but I find hair really disturbing! (but those are just my personal feelings. I’m sure many people like the gorilla types =P) Although I did like him at the start but he’s in a bad place in the group …
  • I do quite like Mike from Blue Collar. If he plays the game right I think he could go far.
  • I like Jenn from No Collar. She’s smart. It would make more sense for her to team up with Joe though as he is good at everything, it seems. He can make fire and he killed the challenge! Vince is demanding, creepy and expects her to follow him around like a little puppy dog. Ditch him. He probably won’t last long with the tribe anyway.
  • I think anyone could have untied ropes like So from White Collar did. But she was fast so you have to give her credit for that. Personally, I would have gone for ropes off the bat. You have more control to move as fast or slow as you’d like – the keys is all about chance.
  • No Collar and Blue Collar both choosing the bigger bag of beans was smart. It does help the team. White Collar, shame on you. I don’t think Joaquin is going to be a very loyal player to anyone … time will tell though …
  • I predict that Rodney from Blue Collar may also go far if he plays the game right. He knows the game quite well it seems.

So let’s speak a little about what happened at Tribal.

Carolyn brings her Immunity Idol with her – that she found without a clue after watching So (and maybe Joaquin) looking for it. She decides not to play it – I thought it was a stupid idea – but So went home, so she must have known something …

My feelings is that So and Carolyn both think they are smarter than they are because they couldn’t keep their mouths closed at Tribal. Shirin was wise to keep her mouth shut as the two of them went at it. You don’t reveal your plans – it’s a rookie mistake. I think even Jeff was surprised as to how much they a. revealed and b. how long it all went on for.

Carolyn, you are doomed.

The other mistake Carolyn made was telling Tyler that she has the Idol. You don’t tell somebody who is not in your alliance that you have an Idol – unless you’re absolutely forced to. This was not a smart move. I think Tyler is going to be a good smart player because he knows how to keep his mouth shut. I feel like he will definitely use knowing about the Idol to his advantage if he can.

I honestly thought though that Carolyn would accept her fate of being voted off and then BAM! use her Idol – to everyone’s surprise – and So would go home. Good on her for keeping her Idol … she’s going to need it!

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