Celebrity Apprentice Recap on S14E8

Celebrity Apprentice Recap on S14E8

PMs: Brandi for Infinity vs Sig for Vortex.
The Task: To create a Circle Line themed boat tour.


Kate, I’m sorry – but you’re not doing as well as you think you are =P And ol’ Donny-boy doesn’t respect you!

Money, Money, Money, MoNEY!

The Task:

  • Don Jr is back! Win!
  • Sig steps up – about time! It also seems fitting as he works on a boat. Perfect Match la la la la.
  • I bet the ladies regret wearing such super high heels for the task as they’re now stuck on a boat!
  • Hey, Geraldo. I know nothing says fun to me like immigration and war!
  • “I don’t trust her as far as I can throw her … and I can’t even pick her up!” – Brandi on Kenya. Such wit. I loves!
  • Vortex chooses ‘Sexiest Catch‘ as their theme. Clearly, they would have benefited from having Maude Flanders on their team “Won’t someone please think of the children?!” Nothing says family fun like waitresses from Hooters!
  • Infinity goes with ‘Manhattan Mardi Gra’ – then Brandi changes the theme last minute to ‘Big Apple Bonanza’ (“city so nice, they named it twice!”) as kind of a ‘best we can do last minute idea’. Personally, I think gay rights when I think of Mardi Gra, not New Orleans, but hey, that’s just me …
  • Oh Vivica, you should definitely talk to someone about doing Infomercials because your Sexiest Catch infomercial was on point!
  • Whilst setting up the boat, Sig imitates Meatloaf. “WHO TOOK MY EFFIN PAINT?” – look it up people. Oh hell > here.
  • Leeza brought the fun to the tour. Geraldo is a snoozer. Zzzzzzzz ….
  • “Screw the Terrorists!” “Oh crap moment” indeed. Awkward.
  • When the two boats pass eachother – it’s clear we know the winner!
  • Don Jr’s face to Kenya’s dance. Oh. Em. Gee. Eek! Babe knows I’m fabulous!
  • The kids on the other boat display a similar look of horror during the Q&A with the Hooters girls. I love making people happy too! And Sig and Geraldo sure looked happy!
  • No one seemed too excited when the Coastguard decided to make an appearance … I hope the drive by didn’t take him away from any important work out at sea.
  • “Leave their address so I can punch their teeth out!” – Sig’s comments to those who didn’t enjoy his cruise. I wonder if he’s still working on getting through that list … Doesn’t this just scream Jay & Silent Bob montage time?!

The Boardroom

  • To no one’s surprise (well, maybe except Sig’s) Infinity win. Clearly.
  • Don Jr says that people thought Kenya’s performance was non-classy. Her boardroom dress was fabulous though! “You think my dancing is non-classy?! My dress is fabulous!”
  • Sig going home fo’ sure? Especially after Donald gives him 25k for his charity. It’s going to happen. And it does … Donald has no other choice. Although, it’s clear, once again, that he doesn’t respect Kate. At. All.
  • Super nice of Geraldo to give 40k to Sig’s charity after he is fired.

Until next time!


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