Recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart S30E11

Recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart S30E11


  • Sierra feels bad for Mike – but she shouldn’t because he has an Idol =D
  • Dan says that it may look like he’s playing a “passive game, doesn’t mean I don’t have screams brewing”. Which is all well and good but only feasible in your in a power position, which clearly Dan is not so all his ideas will fall at the way side. It’s the same for Rodney really.
  • Dan feeling sorry for what happened to Shirin in her past was lovely. It seemed like he had a heart – for about one second before the interview showing him that he think of her as a “drama queen, two faced liar and someone who loves playing the victim” and basically Will’s treatment of her is karma. Hey Dan, you’re an arsehole and that is why you won’t win the game. Will was wrong for what he did and you’re wrong for the things you’ve said regarding it. No one deserves to be treated with such disrespect.
  • I will never understand America’s love affair with bacon and pie. I just won’t.
  • When Dan and will were in full embrace I couldn’t help but think of the ‘getting to know you …’ song.
  • Dan, doing it for his love of cheeseburgers!
  • This challenge is a good example of the tortoise vs hare. Mike is sweating bullets! Although I love blue’s approach of trying to roll on the barrels. It would have been so great to have won the challenge if everyone could have rolled their way to victory!
  • That poor chicken 😦 Just because blue lost the challenge, doesn’t mean the chicken should get punished for their failure. RIP little chicken.
  • Mike says that he did all the work while three people watched. Well, I’m sure there was some kind of strategy spoken about before they started the challenge so it kind of is his own fault …
  • Rodney has never won a reward. In the words of Dan, “That’s karma, bitch!” Okay, so I may have added the bitch part, but meh.
  • Sierra thinks that Tyler will win the whole game. She’s smart but the “genius” “masterminds” who think they are running the game – which clearly they are not, are not smart enough to listen. “No one would vote for her” ie Shirin, says Sierra. She is right. Take Shirin to the end – although I feel like if given the final three were Dan, Rodney and Shirin, Shirin would 100% get my vote. Of course this would never happen and I’m also not a contestant so my vote wouldn’t count but I stand by what I say.
  • Rodney thinks he is running the show and it’s only time before he works his magic. I find it so funny that he keeps saying this – or maybe it’s just editing from past episodes – is that he’s tried to work his magic twice and has failed both times so clearly he isn’t the magician he should think it is.
  • The problem with the core 6 is that unless you are a part of that six there is no way to know who is making the decisions within the group which makes it hard at the end because if one of the six tries to say that they were running the show, it’ll be very hard to convince others that you were making any big moves when it seems like you’re just stuck in a group. It stands that if one of them makes a big move and is successful, it’ll do well for them if they make it to the end. I feel like the people with the best odds of winning are Mike, Tyler or Carolyn.
  • Anyway, back to the episode …
  • Let us just appreciate “There’s no Mike in team” – Dan. There’s no ‘cheeseburger’ in team either, Dan.
  • Let’s also appreciate Dan’s ‘smell you later’ if Mike doesn’t win immunity. This is clearly a quote to remind us that Dan is from the blue collar tribe.
  • Tyler is happy that Dan can’t see beyond the final six or as he says keep his mind ‘on the evil’ ones ie Mike and Shirin.
  • Jeff, why does this challenge have to include water?! Why can’t the bag just drop and then you’re out? Seems kind of mean. But I hope, with the double immunity necklaces (one male/one female) that Mike and Shirin both win. Can you imagine what kind of scrambling this would cause! Please. Please. Please. let them win!
  • 25% of your original pre-game body weight is a lot of weight! I feel like Will and Dan may struggle the most as usually the larger you are, the more weight you will probably lose during the game.
  • Jeff says that this game usually averages around 30 minutes. Wow. And it’s 15 minutes in and we haven’t lost anyone yet. That’s impressive.
  • Sierra blames her failure due to her sweaty palms.
  • Jeff’s blunt “noted” response to Dan’s “not tying, succeeding” statement. Way to be an  arse, Dan!
  • Hey, no fair! Tyler missed the water! No wet tshirt for Tyler today 😥 Boo!
  • Hahahahah Will got a dunking!
  • Dan’s peer talk to Rodney to “keeping digging” made me want to mute my TV. Shut the hell up Dan! You’re not helping!
  • Mike wins! Oh god, please don’t say that we have to see the happy dance again?!
  • Yes! No happy dance!
  • With Carolyn taking the other win, Shirin now has to scramble.
  • Carolyn states the obvious to Rodney “can you imagine if they both won?” in regards to Shirin and Mike. YES I FRIGGIN COULD AND THAT WOULD HAVE MADE FOR SOME AWESOME TELEVISION!
  • Shirin is very good at pleading her case. “Not a threat to win or at challenges” She and Mike really are doing a good job at trying to win people over, although I feel like it’ll fall on deaf ears – especially if you’re relying on Dan. However, Sierra seems like she is happy to consider it – although she brings up a good point that it is hard to make a move when the numbers aren’t on your side – which then she should realise that she is not in a power position so she needs to do something fast to make it past the final five.
  • Ooh Tyler raids Dan’s bag and finds that he has a second vote. Wouldn’t it be sweet justice if he uses that second vote to vote Tyler out?
  • Mike really wants Tyler out. Go Mike go! I say that but I don’t really care if Tyler stays or goes. I’d much prefer Dan or Rodney go home.
  • Mike please please please use your idol to keep Shirin! It’ll shake the game up so much!
  • Dan comparing the fact that he was adopted to Shirin’s abusive past … even Jeff looks outraged.
  • Shirin says she was “verbally assaulted” and “it’s not a game when it’s personal” too right, Shirin. Will is clearly in the wrong. He should have taken the opportunity to apologize when Jeff gave him the chance because if he makes it to the end, the outburst will work against him so he basically has shot himself in the foot, but not only that it takes what seemingly was a good guy to watch and turned him into what will be perceived as a bad guy who people will not like once he leaves the game. Being on reality TV has screwed up people’s lives before. It may just be a game – but remember that there’s a lot of people watching, judging, commenting etc.
  • Shirin “puts [Tyler] on the hot seat with a compliment” – Jeff, I do so love your witty lines. PS go Shirin!
  • Oh Carolyn is using the same scare tactic that Dan used some weeks ago to not “stray or your gone” and yes, this is true unless the numbers are on your side. It could so easily go the other way. Dan, Shirin, Sierra and Mike vs Tyler, Carolyn, Will and Rodney. Make it so!
  • Jeff has a point that “going out at six makes no sense” IE MAKE A MOVE! He’s telling you all to make a move! Don’t be stupid!
  • Mike bringing up the Idol! Yes!
  • “It’s Russian Roulette – vote for Tyler or it’s gonna be you!” – Jeff.
  • I hope some people have the balls to vote for Tyler and get him out. Or you know what, I don’t even care who goes as long as it’s not Shirin. Someone make a move!
  • Mike doesn’t use his Idol to save Shirin 😦 Which I think is a fair move as it would have been silly to give it away. Although, if he did give it to her and was able to gather numbers, than he wouldn’t have needed it if it guaranteed him a place close to the finale before you no longer were allowed to use your Idol that is.
  • Jenn clearly hates Rodney!
  • Voting goes like this: Dan – two votes (Tyler & Will), Shirin – three votes (Sierra, Carolyn, Rodney and Dan) and Tyler – two votes (Shirin and Mike)
  • I feel like even though Shirin did go home Mike certainly did enough to stir up the game for next episode. Dan receiving two votes should (hopefully) make him realise that he is at the bottom of the pack. He is a loose cannon and who knows what will happen because of it. If he was smart, he would team up with Mike and Sierra and form a tight three.
  • Sierra is going to have to do something because Tyler and Carolyn are a tight two – and Rodney, essentially, has Will in his back pocket also forming a two. If they get rid of Mike next and at six then Dan, she is in a bad position. So she needs to do something.
  • I can’t work out why Will voted for Dan though. Tyler I completely understand. But Will, I just don’t know. He shouldn’t get much heat from it because he is not from the original blue and has no real obligation or alliance to Dan – only to Rodney. I can only think that he maybe wanted to try and save Tyler from going home. Not too sure.

Until next week!

2 thoughts on “Recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart S30E11

  1. pegboards says:

    Hey there I like your format of this review! Two things. First regarding why Will voted for Dan. I was also perplexed by this. Like you said Tyler’s vote made sense, his name was being thrown around. But for Will, I can’t figure it out. I see him as Rodney’s pawn, just doing whatever Rodney tells him to do. So when faced with having to make this quick decision on his own he had no idea what to do. He got scared and threw a vote Dan’s way. Basically I think he believed Mike’s bluff and had no idea what to do.

    Second, it seemed like you were rooting for Shirin and now that she is gone you have no one to root for. I feel pretty similar but I have started to come around to Mike. Ever since he stood up for Shirin I have really respected him. So are you rooting for him the rest of the way or someone else? It’s really difficult finding someone to root for this season I think.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    • missmalloryh says:

      Thank you so much for commenting! It’s not so much a review as is my random notes I take while watching the show but it means a lot that someone is enjoying reading it =D

      I feel like with Will he really has no alliances to anybody. He flipped on red/no collars so I don’t see why he wouldn’t easily flip again. I can only imagine that maybe he thought Mike was going to write Rodney’s name down or he wanted to save Tyler. Although I do think you could be right about being scared. I think 100% he believed Mike’s bluff. I wish we could see the vote comments as maybe that would give us some idea as there’s sadly no guarantee that it’ll be brought up at the reunion. Here’s hoping though – although I think Will has a lot to answer for.

      Well, I was actually rooting for Jenn (and Joe was my second favourite) and with her gone, there’s no one I really like. I feel like Mike and Shirin are the less of two evils (the second, being the core alliance) Shirin didn’t deserve to win so I have no problem with her being vote out. I wanted her to stay just to shake up something within the core.

      Although I don’t think Mike really stood up for Shirin. I don’t think anyone really did. I feel like any “standing up” he did for her was part of his game. He had no where else to go so I feel like he went to her as a last resort – just like Jenn took Shirin in for the same reason.

      I read an interview with Jenn where she said that Rodney is running the game and he’s really smart. I haven’t seen that so obviously editing is showing him in a different light because he seems like a real dumbarse. If this is the case then he has a good chance of winning if he makes it to the end because I think that the jury will award him with the win even if he isn’t a nice person because he played the game best. The jury is made up of fans and they’ll respect his game play. Personally though, I’d like to see Sierra win if not Mike. But you’re right, it’s definitely hard to like anyone this season but I think that’s mainly due to the amount of screen time the hated ones get haha.

      Once again, your comment really made my day. Thank you so much for commenting! It’s getting so close to the end. It’s all very exciting! Xx

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