The Amazing Race Recap on S26E9

The Amazing Race Recap on S26E9


  • The teams get to camp overnight!
  • Hayley “just don’t like tents” she moans and asks Blair “can you just set it up for me?” It’s The AMAZING Race! I don’t like camping either but if I were on the race I’d shut the hell out and try to enjoy the experience, at least for the memories, you know?
  • Jelani does have a point that if you’re going to u turn somebody you should definitely make sure that they will get eliminated. I believe I mentioned this last episode.
  • Tyler wants to bring the gnome to New Zealand. Everyone loves the gnome!
  • I mentioned last week how I was curious to know how far the first and last teams left. I saw that the first team left at 12.19 but either I missed it or they didn’t show the last team – I know they all got on the same flight but still it would have been nice to know.
  • Ooh off to Amsterdam! Although as one who has lived in the Netherlands, I think they should go somewhere other than Amsterdam for a change. It’s quite easy to get around by train so I would like them to see some more of the country – perhaps somewhere close to the border where they can easily drive into a neighbouring country for the following leg.
  • “We’re going all the way back to Europe!” Laura. “Yeah, I know. It’s nuts,” Tyler replied. Usually, I imagine, they got where the dollar is reasonable hence why usually a big chunk of the race is done is Asia (well, that and I’m sure it’s size) (sometimes Africa or South America as well) and the more expensive countries are left when there isn’t as many teams left.
  • Blair teases Hayley that she gets to go back to “where [she] fell in love. Hayley stats that he wasn’t wearing a ring. I’m sure he’ll totally fall for you once he sees the season because you’ve been so pleasant and lovely to all. Sarcasm noted.
  • “Piece out, Namibia” Shut the hell up, Jenny.
  • Tyler is at 0 to 100 predictions he’s made during the race. Will they get to ride a boat? Only time will tell.
  • Ashley only knows the Dutch stereotype that “people have a lot of fun here in Amsterdam” I wonder if she knows that we do ride kangaroos in Australia.
  • ‘Klompen’ sounds so epic! or ‘Klomp’ singular.
  • The roadblock is to find a klompen/dutch clog in the same pattern as the sample provided.
  • Jenny and Jelani getting date night seems like a waste.
  • Aww the Dutch outfits are so damn cute!
  • “You’ve got a nice klompen,” Ashley says to Matt. Please oh please let that become a new pick up line!
  • Cue Tyler’s fashion montage! Vogue!
  • Damn. This seems like a really hard task! All the clogs look the bloody same!
  • I think Jenny just got lucky when she found the clog. I really do.
  • Jenny is happy to ride bikes as its the “perfect first introduction to Amsterdam” Bless.
  • Tyler states his prediction of going in a boat was wrong as they now have to ride bikes. Stay hopeful, Tyler. Not all is lost.
  • “OMG a windmill” Jenny is clearly easily impressed.
  • “I love riding bikes!” Laura clearly is too.
  • Jenny has never ridden a bike onto a ferry before. I guess that’s because you’ve never been to Amsterdam before, right?
  • “She was screaming words of encouragement the whole time, ” Blair’s sarcasm to Hayley screaming, “Come on, Blair! We’ve got to catch up!”
  • I think I want to keep a tally on how many times Hayley complains during this leg – although I’m unsure what is a complaint and what is just her being normal. But let us take note of the complaints during a lovely bike ride through Amsterdam. #1 “Oh, that smells!” #2 “Smells like poop” #3 “I’m so cold”
  • Rochelle saw the way Matt was running around so she tried to keep her cool. She did and the pants looked wicked awesome on her. Word.
  • “I know what I’m looking for. I just have no idea where it is” – Matt. That’s usually what happens when you’re looking for something. I believe that’s pretty close to a good definition to what it means to be looking for something.
  • Ashley though, ever so sweet, sticks up for her fiance that “he’s great with detail when he’s not under pressure”. She should talk to Hayley.
  • Adorable Tyler moment #1 “We’re racing! It’s what we live for!”
  • Adorable Tyler moment #2 “What’s up, Phil?”
  • The detour is a choice between Soak vs Shuffle. Soak requires teams to solve a riddle while riding in a hot tub boat. Shuffle requires teams to play a game similar to shuffleboard and score 51 points total.
  • Hayley complaint time #4 “Blair, can you wait for me?” times that by about ten fold. He really is only a bikes lengths ahead of you. “I am. I’m right here, ” he calls back. But ever the gentlemen he slows down leaving them riding side by side. It was “so cute and romantic”
  • Wow. Matt’s 31st attempt to find the clog!
  • I do admire Ashley never giving up on his and words of encouragement to Matt that he promised he would never give up. She’s a keeper, Matt.
  • Tyler finds Soak “more like a dance night than a detour” But hey, he was right! They’re in a boat … kind of. And all the women of Amsterdam are sure glad that “Tyler loves getting in his underwear!” Take it off! Hands a dollar.
  • Matt finally finds the clog after his “tunnel vision” Ashley tells him “Don’t be sorry. You’re fine” Fine is never good.
  • Can you guess the riddle …
  • II III
  • (photo of skiis – is) (64) (photo of a phone ringing – r)
  • r + photo of an black ink splat
  • Did you guess it right?
  • Hayley and Blair get lost. “I asked you if that was right?!” Hayley give him a break. Amsterdam is way confusing! I’ve gotten lost many times. It’s complicated. “You’re not thinking, you’re just screaming” – Blair, doesn’t just pretty much sum up Hayley’s entire race game though.
  • Hayley blames Blair because when she asked about the correct street he just “road past like a frickin’ idiot”.
  • “I’m so angry right now” … “I’m always right and you never listen” Oh man. I don’t even think I need to explain.
  • Rochelle describes Shuffle as “kind of like shuffleboard except with slots” Seems fair.
  • Mike says the guys at Shuffle “were awesome and very encouraging”
  • The Dutch guy at Soak says the hot tub boats are “100 degrees. Very nice” Someone give this guy his own infomercial. Please.
  • Although clearly it doesn’t stay as nice as Tyler says he’s “about to pee in here to warm it up” Laura jokes, “I already did” and then calls Tyler a “nutbag” They’re so cute together! Go team nutbag!
  • Oh my! I thought that guy was going to crush Phil at the mat!
  • Laura I don’t think you should be telling a 15-year-old that he “looks fierce”. Just a tad awkward. I think he just jizzed in his pants.
  • Hayley strips down to “underwear and a shirt” OUCH MY EYES!
  • “I’m pretty sure he just saw our butt” – Hayley, as the Dutch guys laugh from the bridge above.
  • “I’ll never give up on you” Ashley says to Matt. Is that from Brokeback Mountain? Wait, no. That’s “I won’t quit you” Right? I haven’t seen it. It sounds like a quote though. Well there, I must made it one.
  • Hayley tries to buff the competition to Jenny and Jelani by prematurely stating that they’re going skating! Blair clearly didn’t get the “practice rehearsal” memo.
  • “Ooh. My butt’s hanging out!” OUCH MY EYES AGAIN! Damn you, Hayley!
  • Hayley and Blair make the mat and have an awkward embrace. Even Phil notes that it “was a little awkward there” Phil is so great!
  • Wow Matt sure is good at Shuffle.
  • I bet Jenny and Jelani sure feel stupid right now!
  • Laura & Tyler first, followed by Hayley and Blair, and Jenny & Jelani third – three blind dating couples in the top three. “How amazing is that?”
  • Mike and Rochelle keep fighting. “Everyone likes an underdog story”
  • Matt and Ashley know they are last but they keep their spirits high on the way to the pit stop. “We’re got stories to tell our kids – when we have them – which’ll be soon” – Matt
  • But when they are told it’s a non-elimination leg when they hit the mat last, Ashley says “We’re not having babies yet”
  • Feels a bit too early for an non-elimination leg but it is what it is. Not the most exciting of episodes but that is that.

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