Recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart S30E12

Recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart S30E12


  • Mike looks relaxed on the beach
  • It’s Rodney’s birthday! and he’s bitching about being stuck on the beach for 30 days doing the same things with no break. That’s Survivor. At least you’re not stuck on a redemption island type hell-hole.
  • “You need it. If I’m gonna have to give it up, I’d give it up for you” Will on giving up his win to Rodney if he wins reward. Bless. Rodney, on the other hand, has little to no faith in anyone on the island.
  • Ooh I like Jeff’s denim shirt. Stylish.
  • Feed the soul. Feed your belly. What a lovely reward to become a good will ambassador.
  • It’s a schoolyard pick and sadly Will doesn’t make the cut. So sad because there goes Rodney’s second chance at reward. Although, considering the course, I’d say anyone paired with Dan is going to have a tough time trying to take the win. Sorry Tyler and Rodney …
  • That’s one WEIRD looking ladder!
  • Mike has no become a step. He should add that to his resume.
  • That net is VERY narrow!
  • Stupid Rodney left his balls … this would be too easy to make a joke.
  • Go red!
  • Wow blue certainly have made a good comeback! Dan sure is lucky as launching those balls.
  • “That’s it. That’s game” – Dan, no it isn’t.
  • “Can I go?” – Sierra. “No, I got it” – Mike. And he does! Red wins!
  • With red’s win, Rodney becomes a little bitch and starts complaining how no one will give up their win for him. This goes on for a while.
  • Carolyn stats that it’s a “once in a lifetime” type opportunity and isn’t going to give it up. Mike is on the outs so certainly isn’t going to. And Sierra says she never said she would.
  • Rodney’s complaint went something like, “these people aren’t your friends” wouldn’t give it up on his damn birthday and now that get to see how psychotic he can be. I’m scared. Really really scared.
  • The win is a good chance for Sierra to try and make a move and get a power three of her, Mike and Carolyn together. Although I don’t think being this kind of reward that there would be much room to talk strategy.
  • Carolyn says the win is “worth the beating I’ll get when I go back” Then stats that Rodney shouldn’t bitch because it’s “not a terrible birthday. [Rodney’s] on Survivor for Christ’s sake!”
  • Mike “literally feels like a king right now” on the reward.
  • Carolyn stats the obvious that if Mike doesn’t win immunity then he will have to play his Idol and they now “have to vote out one of the six” Ooh exciting times. She mentions how she may switch to work with Mike. Exciting x2
  • Back to Rodney with more bitch bitch bitch about his “Survivor family” and how everyone on the island are a “bunch of scumbags” That’s been pretty evident for a couple of weeks now …
  • “Let’s see how a lose complicates things around here for Rodney” – Tyler
  • Wow Rodney sure is sinking low resorting to mimicking Carolyn. And then has a harebrained scheme to pretend he wants out of the game. “I do not think it’ll work for a second” says Dan. But Rodney says that his “temper can get me in trouble or more forward” God please let it be trouble! Please!
  • Tyler no longer thinks he was work with Rodney because he’s going crazy and can no longer rely on him. I’m surprised that he ever thought he could rely on him in the first place! “You have to anticipate crazy”
  • Aww that poor little bat getting a beating in the storm.
  • Mike, the voice of reason, “why should they give up their reward when you lost the challenge?” Yeah. Why?
  • Mike doesn’t believe what Rodney is saying about wanting to go home. As he says, “Just coz I talk slow, doesn’t mean I think slow” I think Mike has seen Sweet Home Alabama just a few times … It’s a movie. Look it up.
  • Carolyn feels in charge of the game. When Tyler asks, “what about your Idol?” She replies, “Use it when we need it” Which, what I read it as, that she’s not going to give it up to anyone and only use it for herself when she needs to. If she makes it to the end she has a good shot at winning, I think.
  • Ooh the immunity necklace has its own compass.
  • Methinks that Dan and Will be screwed in this challenge from the get go.
  • “Leaning back and holding on for dear life” is what this challenge is all about!  Go Jeff! Not loving your shirt as much as I did the day before though, just saying.
  • Oh god. Here we go again with Rodney bitching about how he’s had the “worst birthday of my life” Shut the hell out. So you had to wash the dishes! Boohoo.
  • Dan is struggling to hold on to the rope during the challenge because of “a lot of the cuts, bug bites and just my fat ass”
  • Carolyn, on the other hand, is “loving life. Best adventure ever”
  • Oh hey, I was right! Dan and Will are the first ones out! I think someone who is light will probably will this challenge.
  • Mike is looking very strong. But when they’re all “live while we’re still doing it, ” says Jeff IE when they move down to the next rope section, he can no longer hold on leaving Carolyn to take the necklace. Oh hey, I was right again!
  • “Good job, Mama!” Sierra sure does seem excited!
  • Dan stats that there’s a lot of talk about his advantage. Which is good because he really hasn’t gotten much air time for a couple of weeks.
  • “Mama see. Mama does” Carolyn wins.
  • Dan thinks its either Mike, Tyler or  himself going tonight and those are some pretty good odds. Dan you have to make a move and fast. If you’re not gone tonight you’re going to have a hard time scrambling for numbers once the numbers get lower. It makes more sense for him to team up with Mike because then they become a power two and the odds of getting to the end are much improved for him. He’s not smart enough to do anything though and will be voted off as soon as possible.
  • And some important quotes:
  • “I don’t think we have anything to worry about with Will” – Carolyn.
  • “Dan’s advantage makes him a huge threat” – Tyler
  • “Mike is gunning for Tyler” – Carolyn
  • We need to “knock out the Idol and the advantage” – Tyler
  • “That advantage is going to come back and haunt us” – Tyler
  • If I was Carolyn I would vote out Tyler. The two of them are dangerous as they’re a power couple, so people say that, for one thing. Also, he knows that she has the Idol and she doesn’t want to give it up to him. She probably can’t win against him. Also, everyone is gunning for Tyler so it makes sense to vote for him because the numbers aren’t in Tyler’s favour. So better to vote with the crowd as that’ll present her as not in a tight alliance. However, I think it’ll be hard at the end to win a vote from Tyler if he is vindictive and won’t vote for her out of spite if she makes it to the finale. It’s a fickle game this one.
  • Shirin looks very nice tonight.
  • “One of the six will be out” – Mike.
  • I want Pepsi! Although, cue another bitch from Rodney. Sigh.
  • Dan states that nobody wanted to say who was at the bottom of the six but the happenings last week was a clear indication that he was at the bottom. But, what I think is, that many people told him and he just didn’t listen. I believe Shirin and Mike both said it to him last week and he did nothing. So ego, he’s an idiot.
  • Mike hopes that Dan’s advantage “was worth the 480 bucks”
  • Dan stats that him just having an advantage is a threat in itself.
  • “Would I be surprised [if I got voted out tonight]? Yes” – Tyler
  • Dan votes for Mike and says “You have no idea how much this breaks my heart” Umm. Okay Dan …
  • Ooh cue spider clip when Carolyn votes. Did she just vote for Tyler methinks?
  • “Tonight’s the night” Mike uses his Idol causing his four votes to not count.
  • With three votes for Tyler, it’s goodbye Tyler. Carolyn, Sierra and Mike all voted for Tyler.
  • Jeff says that “everybody wants to take the weakest to the end”
  • ^ that just shows that some people have to make a big move and soon!
  • My only thought is that Tyler should have turned to the people and told them how Carolyn has an Idol on his way out. It would have been the perfect opportunity to do so. He really should have screwed her over for her voting for him. But hey, perhaps I’m not as nice as he is. I wouldn’t know as he barely spoke.

Until next week!

2 thoughts on “Recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart S30E12

  1. pegboards says:

    Your last thought was very interesting to me. Why didn’t Tyler call out Carolyn before he left? Was he so shocked that he didn’t even think of it? Or does that break some sort of Survivor unwritten rule? Or perhaps he just respected Mama C too much and didn’t want to ruin her game. He worked with her pretty early on and perhaps he wanted her to win.

    Back in Redemption Island Russell did something along this line after he lost his duel. After he finished crying he called out someone (Ralph?) and said they had an idol. Russell was proud of himself that he could still have an impact. But it honestly came across desperate and shallow. Or maybe I thought that because at that point we had seen Russell in 3 out of 4 seasons. Either way maybe Tyler didn’t want to look desperate or like a sore loser.

    If I were Tyler I would probably attack someone that I didn’t like. Like Dan. It might have been entertaining to call him out for his extra vote and watched the chaos that ensued at the next tribal.

    Liked by 1 person

    • missmalloryh says:

      My thoughts on him not calling her out is that I imagine that he’s still loyal to her – as in also, no hard feelings. He probably still wants her to win, especially if they’re been together from the start – I agree with you there. I definitely think she would win his vote at the end. I don’t think he was shocked. He would have known that there was a good chance that he was going out. I also feel like he never really said that much to begin with so it makes sense for him to have not said anything on his way out.

      Well, Russell is a completely different character. In terms of him vs Tyler, Russell never really had any loyalty to anyone – he may have said he did but everyone was pretty much pawns in his game. I don’t think it made him look desperate or a sore loser, I think it is a smart move to call people out. It’s a part of the game and I feel like if you can cause some damage on your way out, why not do it? There’s basically no consequence on his part.

      I listened to a podcast with Boston Rob once where he mentioned that no one has ever turned to the jury and spoken to them. The jury aren’t allowed to speak but it is not forbidden for players to talk to them. I’m still waiting on someone to do that.

      I also wonder though, if you’re voted out of the game how much are you allowed to tell those on the jury? Because that in theory could make someone change their vote or think differently about a person.


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