The Amazing Race Recap on S26E10

The Amazing Race Recap on S26E10


  • “Continue to not freak out” Blair on Hayley
  • Ooh Peru! Wow almost 3/4 around the world!
  • Happy 30th Birthday Laura!
  • “Gonna laugh. Gonna do well” Blair on this leg. Good luck with that Blair!
  • That travel agent has some hairy knuckles! But good on him for working so late into the night/morning!
  • Blair and Hayley were smart to ask about other flights. That’s a good move on the race.
  • “The Bicker Twins?” – Laura on Blair and Hayley.
  • All the teams were pretty close to leaving the mat – except Matt and Ashley who left about an hour after the other teams. I guess he really did struggle with the clogs last leg!
  • WATCH OUT MIKE AND ROCHELLE! The bike is going to hit you!
  • A 12 hour earlier flight arrival is definitely a huge advantage!
  • Tyler and Laura just realised that they could have got a better flight if they weren’t out drinking. But it’s her birthday! What better way to celebrate?!
  • Oh a night in the airport. How lovely.
  • I would love to go to Peru!
  • Will there be a chance on the race for the others to catch up? That is the question.
  • Well yes there is! I was right =D I know this race so well.
  • Oh Jenny. Why are you dancing?
  • Ooh fireworks!
  • Blair knowing the language is definitely an advantage! Although none of the taxis seem to know where they’re going.
  • Ooh funky hair style Mr Taxi Man!
  • “You’re just standing there so I don’t think you “got it” – Oh Hayley. You’re so funny.
  • Hayley “it’s back this way” now she’s a map. She’s right that it’s back the way they came but still …
  • “This is what I freaking said to do and you don’t want to listen to me” Hayley bitch bitch bitch. You kind of have to look at your team mate. There’s no i in team. Remember that.
  • “This is so foreign to me it’s ridiculous” – Jelani, it’s pretty ridiculous!
  • Roadblock! Chopping down sugar cane does not seem like a fun job. I will never eat sugar again!
  • Jenny and Jelani got date night – again?!
  • Jenny was thinking a row of like five feet. Wake up call! I’m going to enjoy watching this. Way to chop! “We’re in trouble” – Jelani
  • Such pretty decorated lamas!
  • Oh there’s some taxi/destination confusion going on!
  • “This isn’t good” – Tyler “Can you just remain positive?” – Laura right before the “uh ha” moment of figuring out where the clue was.
  • Oh god! Hayley is doing the roadblock!
  • “Hoping she works out some anger” – Blair on Hayley doing the roadblock
  • “I feel like of scared. Make sure you stay away a ten feet radius” Blair on Hayley with the machete.
  • “I’m never the type of person who yells ever” – Hayley. Wow.
  • Lama loan application? That’s hilarious!
  • A typewriter brings back memories for me. Ah, memories.
  • Seems like a bit of an easy speed bump though if you ask me!
  • Jenny is having a great work out “Definitely more effective than any spin class” Somehow I don’t think farming sugar cane will take off in LA. Although it might increase plastic surgery procedures.
  • Oh hey plug for Fit bit!
  • “How’d you do that many? That’s impressive” – Blair is impressed with Hayley’s Fit bit results!
  • Mike is a sugar cane chopping machine!
  • “Yeah Mike, let’s get dirty!” Okay, Tyler, you’re doing much better than Mike at chopping.
  • Peru’s mountains look so pretty!
  • Wow! That’s some sugary drink! You can work off the calories but it could totally ruin your teeth!
  • Oh they get a calculator! They seems like kind of cheating!
  • “Hercules! Hercules” Laura trying to cheer Tyler on. Wow. He killed it!
  • Wow Hayley did a lot more steps than either Tyler and Mike!
  • “We;re last apparently” – Ashley “That’s not good babe” – Matt. Way to stay positive Matt! Use those muscles and try and catch up! You’ve still got a detour after all!
  • “The fruits of our labour” – Jenny on the sugary drink. I want to try some!
  • Oh mama! Mamas vs Papas.
  • Mamas involves collecting a bunch of ingredients and mama will make you a drink. Papas involves sorting out potatoes into four different piles.
  • Another drink in the detour?! That’ll make them want to pee. Anyone remember the season where that chic needed the bathroom and it cost them the race? It happened.
  • Wow Hayley has taken soooo many steps!! Crazy!
  • I’d always do Papas because it doesn’t cost you any money!
  • Although Blair’s language skills will help with the buying of ingredients!
  • Jenny is getting another work out carrying thee sacks of potatoes. Will she suggest they also do that as a work out in LA?
  • “I love quinoa” – Hayley. Haha.
  • Wow okay Papas isn’t as easy as I thought. That potato lady sure is mean for dumping all the potatoes out!
  • “She’s making me miss my Grandma” – Blair “I know she’s so adorable” – Hayley on “mama”
  • The “Bitter-spicy cidery-drink with a kick” doesn’t sound as nice as the sugar one though.
  • Oh Rochelle has done a lot of steps too!
  • Matt is hoping someone is struggling with a hard psychical challenge. That’s the spirit!
  • Hayley and Blair team number one. That actually looked like a pretty genuine hug for once!
  • “Today was all about the Fit bit” – Phil, I think we get it. They’re sponsoring the show this season. We get it.
  • “It looks like you’re so close” Phil to Hayley and Blair on their win. Blair says he has his arm around her but not very enthiscaiactlly. Hayley says “We’re BFFs”. Blair adds “Sometime i think she’d shut up” And Hayley, “sometimes I wish he’d listen” Phil laughs, “You really do sound like BFFs” Doesn’t sound like any relationship I’d have with my best friend …
  • Oh no! Tyler and Laura were taken to the wrong detour! But they’re not sorting them! Oh no!
  • “You see you got a nice warm welcome here” – Phil on the Perusian crowd
  • Jelani thinks he and Jenny will be friends for a long time and neither of them are upset that there was no attraction. Seems like a bit of a slap in the face, Phil!
  • “We treat people as nice as we can” that’s nice Mike. And it’s helped you on the race. So lovely.
  • Eww the meat is all so gross! I’m with Rochelle. Gross!
  • Laura using the water method to sort through the potatoes. Let’s see if that’ll work …
  • Oh no. Matt and Ashley were taken to the wrong detour too! They’re having troubles! That pesky language barrier.
  • Mike is out of breath within 15 seconds.
  • “Smells like alcohol” – Mike on the Mamas drink.
  • Matt and Ashley were taken to the wrong detour again!
  • Aww cute pigs then hidden behind Matt’s spandex arse!
  • “Use your spit!” Laura and Matt spitting on the potatoes while sorting.
  • Wow that potato lady really loves her job when dumping the potatoes!
  • “Papa gave us a little kick in the butt today” – Tyler on the detour
  • “You’re breathing heavy. You worked hard” Phil on Mike and Rochelle coming in third.
  • Laura and Tyler have finished the detour. It’s not looking good for Matt and Ashley!
  • “Why’d she do that?” – Matt “So we do it again?” – Ashley on the lady dumping the potatoes. She did it because she loves her job!
  • “It wouldn’t be interesting if Tyler and Laura kept winning legs” – Tyler, you’re so modest.
  • Ashley said her relationship got better on the race. That’s good. That shows that it’ll last. They’re cute together. Sad to see them go.
  • The mat selfie was kind of cute though!
  • Ooh next week is a race to who makes the finale. Usually though there is a non elimination at final four. I hope that’s not true. There’s been enough non eliminations I think.

Until next time!

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