Thoughts on Game of Thrones ‘Mother’s Mercy’ 5×10

Thoughts on Game of Thrones ‘Mother’s Mercy’ 5×10


Before watching the episode I was convinced that Jaime was going to die in this episode. My cousin was convinced that Tyrion wasn’t going to survive. I’m not confirming or denying either happen or don’t happen in the finale – as that would be a spoiler. But I thought it was fun fact to mention. I’m glad I managed to avoid all spoilers because now that it’s been over 24 hours since the episode aired, it’s kind of impossible to not be.

Has the shock worn off yet? Probably not. I imagine young fan-girls will be crying in their beds for days and threatening at least until the premiere of season 6 that they will no longer be watching if their precious Jon Snow doesn’t come back from the dead.

From my perspective, I think he’s lucky to have stayed alive for as long as he did. Can anyone truly say that they did not see this coming? We’d seen the watch ready to riot for episodes now, is it any wonder that they would go to such extremes? Okay, yes, it was incredibly brutal and what a horrid way to die! Move over Ramsay Bolton, there’s a new most hated kid in town!

The big question now will be if Melisandre will bring Jon back from the dead. Actually, not the big question would be if Jon would even want her too? When he lay dying, as the blood ran out onto the snow, it reminded me of the shadow that killed Renly. Am I alone in this? The blood looked black and “shadowy”. It probably means nothing other than the fact that it was dark but meh. To me, that’s what it looked like.

I’m not too sure if I’d want Jon to come back. In my mind I wanted him to be killed two episodes ago and be turned into a wight. I think that would have been kind of cool. And how hot would Jon have looked all in black with the wight eyes – see what I did there? Alas. It is not to be.

I can see Jon returning from the dead though and here’s my reason why. With Jon dead there are no longer any major players at the Wall. If the white walkers are going to attack the wall, do we really care if they defeat the crows/wildlings now that all the characters most people care about are gone? Sam took Gilly and little Sam away so who is there to root for? If Jon doesn’t return, I can only imagine that someone major or perhaps a new major character is going to take over command because otherwise I don’t see much screen time.

I also don’t think they should bring him back. I think that would be cheating a little and doing something purely for the fans and not staying true to the essence of the show or the Game of Thrones world.

With most of the Starks, Lannisters and Baratheon’s gone, I guess there needs to be a new power player. But who will it be? Surely not Ramsay. Please not Ramsay. If Game of Thrones has taught us anything – expect the unexpected. Anyone is expendable. I never thought they’d kill of Sean Bean and he was gone in Season 1. Minor players become major players – that’s just how it is.

I wonder if Sam will feel guilty for leaving Jon alone?

The episode felt very rushed. One moment Stannis was marching to war and the next he was dead. It felt like ‘let’s kill that character, then that character, then that’ but quickly as we have to spend five minutes of screen time with naked Cersei.

Anyway, more on that, I want to talk about Stannis for a moment – sort of. Brienne gives word that if Sansa is ever in trouble to light a candle. I assume it is the tower window we see Sansa as during the battle. But instead of looking out for Sansa, Pod and Brienne go after Stannis. Brienne kind of appearing out of nowhere and finding Stannis, I guess, as it was all quite rushed. What about Sansa, Brienne? What about Sansa?

Is killing Stannis really more important than saving Sansa? I guess her loyalty really does lie with Renly over Catelyn in the end. Any who, Sansa tries to make a run for it, she’s almost shot to death by Ramsay’s lover, Reek kills lover and the two of them make a run – or jump – for it. I guess we’ll find out more season 6.

But poor Stannis whose murder goes overlooked because of Jon. I feel also for Myrcella’s death which too gets overlooked. To me, I found this the most awful and shocking death of the whole episode. We have suicide vs hanging, stabbed in the heart, falling off the side of the building and being stabbed repeatedly x2 (let’s not forget what Arya did) – and I choose poison as being the worst.

Myrcella clearly in love, happy and in the arms of her newly confirmed father (is that the right wording?) and then she dies. It’s so awful. It makes me really sad when I think of her death. What a waste of life. I did actually think it was odd why Ellaria kissed her on the lips but I thought nothing of it until her nose started to bleed too. Evil woman. I hope her death is painful! RIP Myrcella. I’m more distraught over you.

So now to Cersei. I’ve never really been a fan of her. I know everything she does is for her family whom she loves more than anyone – this is even true when she won’t confess to sleeping with her brother Jaime. I really felt for her in this episode. Stripped spiritually, emotionally and physically. I felt her tears. I wanted to cry with her.

I wonder how Lena felt to film though scenes because I imagine it would be quite confronting. I know it’s her job but I still feel like it would be confronting as a human being. That would have to leave an emotional scar on anyone.

I’ve really felt for Cersei this season. Nothing has gone her way. I wish Tommen was a better king. If Joffrey had still been king there is no way his mother, wife and brother in law would remain locked up. Joffrey would not have stood for it, well unless he’d put them there himself.

I saw a meme that said “leave the Starks alone” with a photo of that boy who cried over Britney. It’s the best I’ve seen so far from the finale.

Overall I felt like it was an okay season finale to a pretty average season overall. I feel like a lot of stories began but weren’t really finished but that’s like life really. I can’t predict what is going to happen and I honestly wouldn’t want to.

Will we ever see Bran and Rickon again though?

Arya though, what a badass! I have nothing more to say.

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