Binge Watching Favourites: Cover Affairs S1 Ep1 – Pilot (extended version)

Covert Affairs is a sassy, well developed, action-packed spy drama. It has the intrigue and intensity of Alias and the quick wit and friendly banter of Bones (with sarcasm thrown into the mix too). Add to that characters that draw you in and I’m hooked!

Here’s my run down of the pilot episode:

  • The opening scene introduces us to Annie Walker (Piper Perabo) in the most CIA way possible – a polygraph interview *cue dramatic music* She’s a new CIA recruit and has been pulled out of her training a month early. We soon discover the reasons why.
  • So what makes Annie loveable as a character? She’s sweet, innocent, extremely enthusiastic and loves to believe in the good in people. This sounds like the complete opposite of a good spy until you realise she also has mad skills from her CIA training at “the farm”, can think on her feet, is creative and knows six languages (this last one is important to remember). She’s endearing and a little bit dorky in the best way possible (you’ll get what I mean when you get to the scene in her car with her sunglasses).
  • We then get to meet the CIA team as she begins her very first day at Langley and is prepped for her first assignment/mission.
  • Augie Anderson (Christopher Gorham) is in Tech Ops and is adorable. He is dependable and goofily cute (ssshh goofily is a word) and it’s no surprise Annie and Augie hit it off immediately. He becomes both Annie’s mentor and best friend.
  • Joan Campbell (Kari Matchett) is Annie’s boss. She is headstrong and blunt. Watch for her snide comments. So sassy. Go Joan!
  • Annie carries out her assignment (to meet a potential asset and gather intelligence) throughout the episode and as you would expect it is a learning curve with a few hiccups along the way and unplanned FBI involvement.
  • We also get to meet her older sister Danielle Brooks (Anne Dudek) and get a glimpse of Annie’s two nieces. (They aren’t featured much so I’ve forgotten both of their names. Oops.)
  • Lastly I would like to make a special mention about Annie’s shoes. They are so cute and are apparently Christian Louboutins (she actually refers to them in a scene, I’m not so nerdy that I would automatically know what brand they were… just saying) and are black heels with red soles. I’m not big on shoe shopping, let alone high heels, but I must say I would seriously consider buying a pair if I had the chance.

If you think this sounds like the show for you I heartily encourage you to watch, watch, watch!

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