Recap of Survivor S32E4

Recap of Survivor S32E4


  • So, here we go – the most brutal episode, or so they’re calling it, ever, during the most brutal season, or so they’re calling it, ever.
  • This long introduction makes me think a mix up is going to happen this episode. Mixing up the teams, maybe? I guess we shall find out.
  • Naw Tai and Caleb almost kissing. So sweet!
  • “Back on the bottom” – Alecia, you were always on the bottom …
  • Beauty plus brains = a deadly combination to perhaps win this whole game.


  • “Well, that was something” – Peter, is still shocked by Liz’s departure.
  • Debbie mentions something about gathered intelligence and being the mastermind behind voting out Liz, which she kind of was …
  • “I couldn’t let it be you” – Debbie, to Peter, this loss has definitely knocked his ego.
  • Peter says the outcome was a “complete surprise”
  • ^ I tell you, once you think you’re in charge of the game, that’s when you’re the most vulnerable. You have to keep your eyes and ears open.
  • “We’re not the pee brains” – Peter, thinks the tribe made a stupid move.
  • Peter vows that once there’s a “Swap, (he’ll) take em out one by one” Way to not hold a grudge, Peter. Be grateful they deemed you worthy to still in the game.


  • The brawn tribe looks so tiny. So down in numbers.
  • Everyone on brains and brawn is surprised to hear that Liz was voted out at the last tribal council.
  • And the challenge is – to go through an obstacle, dig under a log to get yourself through, dig up bags of balls, roll balls in a series of targets. First to win wins a full kitchen set of spices and coffee etc. Second to win takes home salt and pepper.
  • Julia and Anna are sitting out for beauty. Neil is sitting out for brains.
  • Wow, there’s so many tatted people this year. As in, a lot of them are covered in tattoos.
  • “That is the fastest anyone has gone under a log” – Jeff, about Cydney.
  • Brawn is in the lead, followed by Brains in second.
  • “It’s hot just standing here watching you” – Jeff, comments on the weather.
  • Wow, they’ve been digging for 45 minutes in the hot sand for bags of balls! That’s insane!
  • “Who knew it would be this difficult to find three little bags in a pit of sand?” – Jeff
  • Oh, brains has it!
  • “Huge lead for the brains tribe!” – Jeff
  • Firing for brains is Aubry, then Peter.
  • Alecia is kicking the sand instead of digging. “It’s easier,” she explains. And yeah, that might be so, but unless the bag is right under the surface of the sand, it’s probably not going to be found by kicking the sand. Alecia, I love you, but just no. Start digging, girl.
  • Debbie is firing for brains – oh, now Peter again.
  • And with that, brains wins reward.
  • “Major blowout! (The) other two tribes aren’t even close” – Jeff, comments on brains’ win, while the other team still search for the bags of balls.
  • Oh. Debbie is close to heat stroke. Joe is concerned, but Debbie doesn’t want him to get the medic.
  • The medic has been called and they’re looking at Debbie. She’s lying on the ground. It doesn’t look too good.
  • Has the game been stopped while this is happening?
  • Nope.
  • Medical is on Debbie, beauty is shooting balls into targets. And brawn are still digging for bags of balls.
  • “Heat stroke is like being roasted alive” – Debbie
  • “Beauty have scored 5 balls since medic” – Jeff, keeps us updated
  • Alecia tries to encourage her tribe to keep going – and that they are still in with a chance.
  • “Keep cheer leading, it’s what you’re best at” – Scot, to Alecia
  • “It’s about the team” – Alecia, tries to stay positive after receiving the negative comment from Scot.
  • “This is a carnival game in which you can get lucky quickly” – Jeff, speaking of rolling the balls into the targets.
  • With that, the last bag is found. Jason and Scot are shooting for brawn.
  • It’s 5 balls vs 3, favour to beauty.
  • And with that – beauty is second.
  • “I’ve got nothing for brawn” – Jeff
  • Cydney can’t move. She’s clutched to a pole.
  • “Jeff, I’m still smiling. I’m cool, baby” – Debbie is okay, and will not be pulled from the game.
  • Oh! Now Caleb is down!
  • “Medical, take a look at Caleb too” – Jeff, as he sits beside a fallen Debbie.
  • Caleb needs an oxygen mask – and they’re pouring water on his chest.
  • This is so unbelievably scary to watch!
  • Tai and Julia are crying.
  • “Caleb, can you hear me” “Are you still with us?” – Medic to Caleb.
  • “I see ya nodding” – Jeff, acknowledges that Caleb is still present.
  • Oh my – now they’re putting fluids into Caleb’s arms to help hydrate him.
  • This is bad, guys. Really really really bad!
  • At this time, mind you. Cydney is also down. She has water being poured on her chest too to cool her down. That’s three of the players in really bad shape right now!
  • Jason is sitting being so nice to Cydney and comforting her. I wonder if he would be doing the same if Alecia had gone down. I’m very curious about this. I secretly hope – or wish or pray – that Alecia goes down next. Just because I’m curious – not because I want her to experience the harm.
  • “You’re a warrior, dude” – Jeff, to Caleb
  • Wait, a helicopter has been called. WHO ARE THEY EVACUATING?!
  • “It’s overwhelming” – Michelle, to Jeff, in regards to what is all happening.
  • “Caleb is out of the game” – Jeff, tells the beauty tribe that they’re pulling Caleb from the game
  • The whole beauty tribe is bawling their eyes out right now!
  • They’re crying. I’m crying.
  • What an extremely emotional series of events to watch. I could only imagine how scary it would be to have been there when it was all happening. Especially since the whole crew were needed to help out during this crisis – apart from the cameramen, of course, because you know – there’s still making a TV show after all. Hmm.
  • “Bye Caleb. We love you” – Beauty, to Caleb, as he gets taken out on a stretcher.
  • “I thought Caleb was invisible” – Michelle.
  • That’s brutal. To be taken from the game so early in the season – especially considering how amazing the beauty tribe has been up until this point.
  • “Unprecedented. Three people going down” – Jeff
  • “He sacrificed himself so we could win this challenge” – Tai, on Caleb.
  • “At the end of the day, we’re family” – Jason, on why he stayed by Cydney’s side, after Jeff asks if he could vote her out tonight after what has just happened.
  • “With Caleb gone, very sad. I still want to have that kiss from him” – Tai, still wants to kiss Caleb. The bromance is real!
  • Beauty definitely seem bruised by all this.
  • Good to hear that Caleb is fully recovered. I’m glad they had that little message on screen letting us know that he’s okay. I forgot they do that.
  • Wow. Half the episode has already gone by!


  • “That was crazy” – Debbie
  • Debbie says she was embarrassed about having to get medical, as she didn’t want to appear weak to her tribe and to her daughters at home.
  • “I’ve done a lot of stupid stuff in my life” – Debbie, but mentions how her daughters say how proud they always are of her.
  • “Out of the game, we’re friends for life. You guys really took care of me” – Debbie, to her tribe.


  • “I wasn’t trying to confront drama with Scot” – Alecia, on the argument that broke out between her and Scot straight after the challenge.
  • Ugh. I really hate Scot because of the way he treats Alecia. He speaks to her in such a condescending, mean manner. It’s just so upsetting to me. She’s still a human being.
  • I have so much respect for her too, because I would have absolutely broke down and wouldn’t have been able to handle their insults day in and out. But Alecia, despite how she’s been treated so far, she remains positive and optimistic. This, of course, could be because she’s not the most intelligent person, I get that, but I think she’s just one of those people who are just genuinely happy people. I like her.
  • “You think it’s okay to break me down during a challenge?” – Alecia, challenges Scot.
  • “Get on board with this team” – Jason, to Alecia, although I think that’s what she’s been trying to do all along but no one will give her a chance.
  • “You’re lucky you’re still here still. If not, bye bye” – Scot, to Alecia
  • I hope the teams have a mix up or swap tomorrow just so Alecia can get away from these arseholes. I think they should send her over to the beauty tribe. The girls, I think, would embrace her as one of their own and it would definitely be even more of an all-girl alliance power shift over there! Nick and Tai are in trouble …
  • “I definitely don’t think Alecia gets the bigger picture in this game” – Jason
  • Jason wants his daughters to be strong. But you know, I think it is also important that his daughters grow up respecting every single person. No matter if they annoy the shit out of you. Bullying and behaving towards someone in such a way is never okay. Never. It is awful. I hope he watches it back and sees what a complete dick he has been to Alecia and apologizes. But I hope she doesn’t forgive him. I believe in forgiving but never forgetting – but at the end of the day, it’s just not worth it with Jason.
  • Jason admits he has a temper, but “tribal – concealed, signed sealed and delivered” on Alecia being the next to go.


  • I can’t believe we’re getting to the challenge now – after so much has already gone on in this episode! I guess it’s going to be a quick one.
  • Come on swap … No. No swap. Makes me so sad.
  • The challenge sees two tribe members racing through the jungle to untie and collect two puzzle pieces. Then the two remaining tribe members must swim to collect two more puzzle pieces. They must then complete a snake puzzle to win.
  • Tai is sitting out for beauty. Joe, for brains.
  • And they’re off!
  • “Brain tribe forgot one of their pieces loosing valuable time!” – Jeff, on Peter leaving a piece behind.
  • Anna and Julia; and Cydney and Alecia are working on the puzzle.
  • Alecia has said so many times that she’s no good at puzzles so why make her do puzzles?! And then blame her for not being able to complete said puzzle?! That’s like sending a person in to do a swimming component when they can’t swim! It’s ridiculous! Brawn are absolute idiots! Although secretly, maybe they want to get rid of Alecia and do these stupid things on purpose. Idiots.
  • Jeff mentions that the key to completing the puzzle is the ability to work together and see the bigger picture – which Jason has already accused Alecia of not being able to see. Ugh. Idiots, I tells ya!
  • Brain have made up a lot of time! Everyone is working on the puzzle.
  • “Your neurons are firing on all cylinders!” – Debbie, the cheer leading mastermind of the brains tribe.
  • And with that – brains wins immunity. Then, beauty takes second.
  • Beauty, must not, have yet to go to tribal at all.
  • Scot holds up a 0 to show that Alecia has no percentage of not being the one to be voted out tonight.
  • Jeff asks Alecia a question and she says “I tried my best”, to which upsets her tribe as Scot says “It’s all about her”
  • That’s not even what she meant! Ugh.
  • “Wow. Tribal’s gonna be fun tonight” – Jeff
  • “The body language alone says everything” – Jeff, on a deflated brawn tribe.
  • “We can do tribal right now” – Jason
  • Jeff agrees to this, but only if everyone on the tribe agrees – including Alecia.
  • “I’m not doing tribal right now. That would be giving up” – Alecia


  • Yep, it’s going to be a quick one.
  • “You’re on the brawn tribe, not for your muscle, (but you) don’t take lip from anyone for any reason” – Jeff, tells Alecia why she’s on the tribe.
  • Alecia says the tribe has got to earn her respect, otherwise she tunes people out.
  • “She needs attention to the point if its positive or negative” – Scot
  • Jeff knows Alecia is going home, but he’s still rooting for her.
  • As am I. I wish she could stay. I hope they bring her and Caleb back because I would love to see how they would both do another season. Alecia, so that she could be on a tribe that respects her and likes her, and maybe she would have a better game. And Caleb, because I’d like to see how far he could go in the game. And if he does go out, to go out on his own tribe’s accord, not because of an medical emergency.
  • “Sometimes experience can be worth more than money” – Alecia, seems okay with the fact that she’s probably going tonight.
  • Scot hopes that Alecia will “watch over and over and realise, we were trying to help you”, as he writes her name down.
  • Now ^ that really frustrates me. If you’re trying to help someone you don’t do that by putting them down constantly and insulting them whenever you get the chance to!!! Ugh. He makes me so damn mad.
  • Jeff mentions that he’s never seen a tribal that is so clear cut.
  • And with that – Cydney, Jason and Scot vote for Alecia. Alecia votes for Scot.
  • “Good luck, Cydney” – Alecia, after her touch is snuffed. “Thanks, baby” – Cydney.
  • Jeff mentions how one thing is consistent – “the three of you”
  • “At the end of the day, I’m proud of myself. I don’t think I gave up” – Alecia

Ooh switching teams up next week! I wish Alecia had made it to the next episode.

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