Recap of Survivor S32E6

Recap of Survivor S32E6



  • Eww spider!
  • Naw, Tai is happy the tribe didn’t vote him out. He’s going around thanking everyone.
  • Tai feels sorry for Anna (who the tribe voted out last tribal) because she looked shocked that he didn’t use his idol to save her.
  • “Keep me until I kill the chicken for the group” – Tai, on why the tribe should keep him around .. but what about the poor chicken?!
  • Peter thinks he’s in a good place within the tribe.
  • “I’m not just a brain” – Peter, nope, you’re also an idiot.
  • Peter wants Joe out because voting out his alliance “pissed me off”


  • Nick is doing non-stop thinking .. whatever that means.
  • “It’s time to play. Play or go home” – Nick
  • “I will lead when no one else will” – Debbie
  • Nick wants to be whoever Debbie wants him to be.
  • Anyone notice it said ‘Debbie – Part-time Model’ on screen. Brilliant!
  • Nick thinks Debbie has a crush on him.
  • Debbie, thinks Nick is an Adonis.
  • Oh. The tribes just found out that the reward challenge will involve some kind of basketball-esque challenge.
  • The blues are worried that the yellows have Scot – a professional basketball player.
  • “We have our own secret weapon. Adonis aka Nick” – Debbie

Reward Challenge

  • Julia is back!
  • The challenge is to release buoys from the water, collect and gather then, before having to shoot them into a net.
  • Winners take home a survivor picnic – including a range of drinks and food.
  • Aubry vs Michele in the water
  • Aubry has her buoys untied!
  • Michele is struggling!
  • It’s Nick vs Scot shooting the balls!
  • Nick is doing well against Scot.
  • Scot really should have this in the bag. It would be such an embarrassment to lose at something you do professionally. I’m pretty sure he would never live in down.
  • “So good, he split the buoy!” – Jeff, is impressed with Scot’s skills.
  • “Scot, what you doing?” – Cydney. “Winning” – Scot.
  • And with that, yellow wins reward!
  • “It’s my fault” – Michele, feels responsible for taking so long to untie the buoys.
  • Michele feels like she’s in trouble if the tribe next goes to tribal.


  • “Good to enter a tribe on good vibes” – Julia, happy that the tribe won reward as it puts everyone in a good mood for her meet and greet.
  • Peter wants to work with Julia.
  • Julia mentions how Peter pulled her aside and told her straight off how he wanted to work with her and get off the brains, because he’s had a vendetta against them since they screwed up his plans.
  • Aubry and Joe see that Peter is going off with all the other tribe members, even though he’s meant to be in an alliance with them, his original brains tribe.
  • “A dope” – Aubry, tell us what you really think about Peter.
  • “Peter’s a little rogue and desperate now” – Aubry


  • “You did great” – Debbie and Neil, to Michele
  • “Just put my head on the chopping block by screwing up the challenge” – Michele, is worried, especially since the yellow tribe voted off one of her greatest allies last tribal.
  • “She might go drown herself, you guys should keep an eye on her” – Debbie, is worried about Michele.
  • “I like Debbie. I think she’s a little quirky” – Michele
  • “The way Nick talks to me would never be how I’d ever let a man talk to me in normal life” – Michele, after Nick tells her that they will not be working with Debbie, but in fact be voting with brawn over brains. Yes, sir.
  • “Let Nick baby me. Innocent little girl” – Michele, aims to go along with Nick’s plan until the time comes when she sees a way to make her own move.
  • “I don’t need to be carried, bro” – Michele, on Nick.


  • Joe is nervous. He sees Peter talking to everyone else.
  • “The problem with Peter is that he plays both sides” – Joe, on Peter
  • “He’s so transparent” – Joe, on Peter
  • Joe questions Peter on if he’s gunning to vote him out. Joe knows Peter is lying to him. Former FBI agent Joe says so. And he’s right. Peter is a snake.


  • Involves an obstacle course, then using poles to knock blocks off a mesh net, before stacking said blocks up one on top of each other.
  • Scot’s tall. I imagine he would have an advantage in the challenge. He’s my pick.
  • Blue are over the first obstacle!
  • “A  lot of people gonna be relying on Scot” – Jeff, on trying to get the tribe over quite a tall obstacle.
  • It’s Jason and Nick for blue vs Peter and Scot for yellow, knocking blocks from the net.
  • Jason and Nick are struggling!
  • “They’re stacking from the middle” – Jeff, on yellow’s plan to let Scot and Peter hold onto the top blocks, and stack in the middle of the stack.
  • Debbie is on Nick’s back. Jeff points out the two different stratergies at play now.
  • Oh no! Yellow’s blocks have fallen!
  • Tai is now up on Scot’s shoulders.
  • Joe got hit on the head with the blocks. And now he’s bleeding!
  • “You okay?” – Jeff, to Joe.
  • And with that – blue wins immunity!
  • “Literally by seconds” – Jeff, on how tight the challenge was.

Yellow – which I know now is called Gondol. I’m late to the party …

  • “You take the trouble out” – Joe, wants to vote for Peter. He doesn’t like “keeping the risk”
  • “We did nothing wrong” – Tai, on why they lost the challenge. It’s true, they only lost by one second, so no one is to blame.
  • Aubry blames Peter because it was his strategy to stack the blocks from the middle.
  • Aubry also doesn’t think it’s the right time to vote out Peter. She wants to keep brains strong.
  • “Keep him, even though  he’s a pain in the butt” – Joe, on how he won’t be voting out Peter.
  • “Roll with the punches” – Peter, is no longer gunning for Joe, as he got suspicious, and now his only option is to work with the brains again.
  • Scot thinks Peter is a snake.
  • See, Peter told Scot that he wanted to vote out Joe. But now Peter is going back on his word because of the conflict he had with Joe earlier.
  • Julie thinks Aubry and Joe are stupid fro not voting off Peter.
  • “Better to stay with the devil you know” – Aubry, on keeping Peter.
  • Julia and Tai go to Aubry and tell her that Peter first wanted to vote off Joe, but now he’s thrown Aubry under the bus too. It’s a lie – but what genius play by Julie. So so good to throw Peter under the bus!
  • “No matter what I do, it’s gonna blow back and bite me in the face” – Aubry, is torn between voting for Julia and Peter.
  • Tai mentions that it may be a tie. Wouldn’t take be a great way for one of the brains to change sides because it’ll be a sure thing that Peter will go home?


  • Ooh it’s Julia’s first tribal.
  • Julia sees the tribe as split in two – brains vs the others.
  • The question is – do brains stay together, or do they form new alliances as a new tribe?
  • Aubry really is kind of throwing Peter under the bus …
  • I guess like last time, Peter doesn’t even read into it that he’s in trouble tonight. Once again, it appears that he thinks he’s safe … or does he? He’s hard to read tonight. Or maybe that’s just his snugness …
  • “The Gondol tribe comes down to trust” – Joe
  • Scot hints at Peter having said one thing and then goes off and talks about it again.
  • “I try to be as logical as possible” – Aubry “But goes with my gut”
  • Joe has no idea who’s going tonight.
  • “This game is alive!” – Jeff, mentions how people are talking and trying to decide who to vote out as he’s asking questions and people are answering.
  • Lots of talking going on right now between Aubry.
  • “Original plan” – Scot, tells Julia what’s happening.
  • Aubry looks paranoid – is the new plan to vote off her with Peter?
  • I hope it comes down to a tie – and then the tribe votes out Peter. That’s the dream.
  • And the results are in …
  • Peter!
  • Julia, Scot, Tai and Aubry voted for Peter. Peter and Joe voted for Julia.
  • Well, Aubry voted for Julia, then crossed it out and voted for Peter. She took a long time to make her mind!
  • It is about time Peter went home. Oh happy days!
  • “Clearly a lot of uncertainty in tonight’s vote” – Jeff, on the vote.
  • “1 million dollars is not worth my dignity or my word, of course I’m mad!” – Peter, his closing statement.
  • “If this is about stacking boxes, I’ll never hear the end of it” – Peter, wonders if he got voting out for his strategy stacking boxes.

Pretty boring episode tonight – if I do say so myself. I think the tribe made the right decision – but I think that’s mostly because I didn’t like Peter, and I believe that that is also the reason they voted him out. But I think it was also a smart move to weaken the brains – although there were already cracks, obviously, so keeping Peter around probably wouldn’t have made much of a difference.

But the merge comes next week! This is when the game really begins!

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