Celebrity Apprentice Recap on S14E6

Celebrity Apprentice Recap on S14E6

PMs: Kenya Moore for Infinity vs Vivica A. Fox (again!) for Vortex.
The Task: To create a mobile bouquet marketing-experience for Ivanka Trump shoes.


Early on , we see an interview with Shawn who says she is flying under the radar to go further in the competition before she has to step up. Well, this only means one thing – guess who’s going home tonight? Hey, Editors, way to ruin the anticipation! Sorry Shawn but you’re time to step up was now.

Shawn says she’s not comfortable with the task so Vivica steps up when no one else would. And walking off, she meant business – or perhaps she was just mildly pissed as Shawn should have stepped up! Also, Sig mentions that with all the female related tasks, he can no longer find his penis. Poor baby.

Joan Rivers returns as Donald Trump’s adviser. May she rest in peace. This episode was dedicated to her memory.

So let’s get to the task itself. Vortex creates a coffee bar and displays all the shoes inside the van. Infinity display their shoes outside but the experience is less exciting – although ‘Power Up Your Sole’ is catching and deserves snaps. Sorry to say, but the coffee bar is always a bad idea. Everyone would fake interest in shoes just for a free cup of coffee. People love freebies – that’s why so many people go to those resort talks for the one free night in a hotel of their choice.

One could argue that if Vortex lost, blame could be put on Geraldo whose idea it was to make the experience a coffee bar. He also would take blame for the “slogan” with Ivanka did not like. But let’s face it, Geraldo wouldn’t have a chance to be fired this episode. No chance. Although, let us appreciate how good Ivanka was at faking excitement when she walked through their experience. She hated it. She was faking it.

But I did like all the pink from both teams. Kate was right, Ivanka doesn’t seem like she would be the ‘fake flowers’ kind of person …

I do believe however that a big part of the reason Infinity won was due to the product screens. That was genius! If Vortex had displayed their shoes outside the van and included some kind of product display on screen, it might have been a whole different outcome.

And then came the all important Boardroom …

No one is surprised to hear that Infinity won and Vortex lost. Kate and Shawn said they were playing to lose from the day before. That’s quitters talk.

“Brandi worked well with others this time,” Kenya said. Feel the burn! Although, I know when I am super happy about winning a task, sometimes I’ve just gotta take a twirl too. *twirls*

Kenya says in the boardroom that she doesn’t think Shawn has a “fighting chance”. Right on, sister! You and I are on the same page.

Vivica brings back Kate and Shawn. Vivica gets nothing but praise and also sheds a tear because she doesn’t want to throw Shawn under the bus for not stepping up. It was nice to see her show a different side towards Shawn considering what went down in the boardroom last time during the moon cycle.

Joan remarks on Vivica’s strong leadership skills – even Joan sees that Vivica will make it to the top four. Clever, lady.

In the end, Donald can’t get over the fact that Shawn didn’t step up. Once again, has she not watched the show before? Vivica remarks that she stepped up when no one else would. Donald says, ‘Correct!’ somewhat rubbing it in Shawn’s face.

Shawn tries to explain how she came up with a possible winning idea which impresses Ivanka and Donald. Had she stepped up as PM and implemented this plan, I still think her team would have lost and Shawn would have still gone home. So damned if she does. Damned if she didn’t. But that’s just my opinion. We will never know, but I still think she would have gone home either way.

But Shawn admits that she should have stepped up and they should have stuck with her plan. But that’s too many should haves. All up, it’s an obvious decision and Shawn is sent packing. In her cab interview, she blames her age – which I think is a bit of a cop out. But I liked her none the less. I wonder how short she is …

Until next Monday!

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