My Favourite Five: Johnny Depp Character Transformations

There are those actors who give the same style performance playing pretty much the same character each time (with a change of accent or costume) and then there are those who really transform for a role and give it everything. Here are five times Johnny Depp has proven he can adapt and deliver the goods with appearance, body language and voice.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007) Continue reading

Write, Damn You, Write!

So you have the time and you have the motivation to write but no words are coming out? It’s ok, I’ve been there. A lot. And I really do mean A LOT. It can be frustrating and depressing and it almost always leads to procrastination, abandoned projects and giant headaches. Ugh. What a waste.

The most common (and annoying) advice from writers and bloggers the world over seems to be: Continue reading

My Favourite Five: Times I’ve Misheard Song Lyrics

Don’t you hate it when you really enjoy a song only to find out the lyrics you thought made the song unique and funny…. weren’t actually the words at all? *face palm* Yep, we’ve all been there (whether we admit it or not).

Here are five selections of lyrics I’ve been oh so wrong about.


I heard: It’s a hard enough life for us.
It’s really: It’s a hard-knock life for us. (I secretly like my version better. Ssshhh don’t tell anyone.)

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My Favourite Five: Childhood Movies

Everyone has a selection of movies that in one way or another shaped a part of their childhood or at the very least stayed with them well into their adult years. Here are the five movies that have made it to my list. I struggled to narrow it down as I have watched many movies that I have enjoyed or remember well. In the end, I had to go with what had the strongest connection for me.

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The Little Mermaid II Return To The Sea (2000)

If you grew up with The Little Mermaid and are quite attached to the movie and the characters there is a chance its sequel The Little Mermaid II Return To The Sea will not make a lasting impression.

Sure, it has the odd catchy song (“Titanic Tip and Daring Dash, adventurers slash explorers” will get stuck in your head on repeat for days) and most of the original character voices but it’s no timeless classic. I loved The Little Mermaid so why don’t I love the sequel just as much? Maybe it’s the little things that bugged me so…

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My Turning-Thirty-Freakout

Towards the end of the year I will be thirty. Thirty. That’s three whole decades of heartbeats and 10,950 days of breathing in and out.

For someone who is approaching halfway to sixty (Eeep!) I really haven’t done all that much with my life. I know it’s all comparative, there will always be people who have accomplished more than me and there will always be people who have accomplished less but I can’t help but feel that I have come up short with where I should be at my age. Am I being too critical of myself or am I simply being realistic? Either way, as the months roll on I can’t help but look at where I am, where I have started from and wonder where I am headed. Continue reading

The Little Mermaid

When I was young I fell in love with the story of a vibrant and rebellious young mermaid whose free spirit and trusting nature led her to find her true love and her happy ever after (with a lot of help from her loyal and resourceful friends Sebastian, Flounder and Scuttle).

Now that I am older I recently re-watched The Little Mermaid and found the childhood love I had felt and my sense of wonder and belief had been replaced. Where once I had unwavering acceptance of the storyline and encouragement for Ariel and her plight to be free I now had nagging questions about the plot and a running commentary in my head about random little details I had never cared about before.

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My War on Pimples

For some people it’s a battle, for me it’s an ongoing war.

My skin is fairly good, not overly oily and not usually too dry (unless I’ve been obsessively scrubbing my face and over experimenting with cleansers) but unfortunately I am faced with reappearing acne as well as blemish marks that don’t seem to completely disappear. The problem areas for me are my chin, forehead and that annoying area between the eyebrows. Every time I seem to have a breakout or giant rebel pimple under control I discover a fresh set or new pesky pimple has popped up overnight. *face palm*

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Why is a raven like a writing desk?

No. Seriously. Does anyone have the answer? That Mad Hatter, damn him and his adorable hat, has kept me in suspense for years.

No one knows? Ok. Let’s work this out together… a raven is a bird and birds often sit/nest/live in trees… and a writing desk is made of wood… also from trees… so this means… absolutely nothing. I’ve got nothing, people!

I seriously think Tim Burton should write a film where a raven meets a writing desk and Continue reading