My Favourite Five: Emma Stone Movies

Whether she’s playing a supporting role or leading as a powerful character Emma Stone leaves an impression with every performance she gives. Here are five movies in which she will either make you smile, laugh or cheer her on as she kicks some butt!

5.) Aloha

Captain Allison Ng (“like ring without the r and the i”) is a career driven, enthusiastic and culturally sensitive air force pilot with a strong sense of right and wrong. While she can seem high energy at first it doesn’t take long to see that she is a character with a lot of heart and determination. Continue reading

Thoughts On The Movie Love Happens (2009)

What can I say about this movie? It’s a hard one to write up as it left me with mixed feelings and not much else. It is definitely geared towards a female or Rom-Com audience and is a bit of an emotional movie in parts. But, for me, it wasn’t a love story or at least the love story wasn’t the driving force as the DVD blurb would make you believe. It is Burke Ryan’s story (Aaron Eckhart) with Eloise Chandler (Jennifer Aniston) acting as his emotional crutch or unknowing motivator for change. Continue reading

Thoughts On The Resident (2011)

For a movie mentioning Christopher Lee and “relentless horror” in its blurb The Resident sets the bar high with a lot to deliver. While the “relentless horror” was more “disturbing creepiness” than anything else it did create a sense of unease and kept me watching with morbid curiosity right until the credits rolled.

For those who haven’t seen it or its trailer it follows the story of ER doctor Juliet Devereau (Hilary Swank) and her search for a new place to live following her separation from her cheating husband. After being shown a dismally tiny apartment, by what I presume is a real estate agent, Juliet is fortunate enough to be offered a very spacious and surprisingly cheap apartment by the rather cute and charmingly awkward landlord Max (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Ignoring the old adage “if it’s too good to be true…” Juliet jumps at the chance to move in and, with a landlord like Max, who wouldn’t? On the surface everything seems to be working out for Juliet with her new place starting to feel like home and her adorable landlord proving to be a very helpful handyman and friend. But, as with most thriller themed movies, all is not what it seems and things start becoming unsettling bit by bit. [SPOILERS] Continue reading

My Favourite Five: Brittany Murphy Movies

Brittany Murphy was a talented actress who proved she could act across genres and take on challenging roles. One thing I liked about her was that she wasn’t afraid to pull facial expressions and put everything into her role. I swear, there are some actresses out there that seem scared to crack a smile lest they wrinkle or look out of sorts.

Here are my favourite selections of Brittany Murphy movies: Continue reading

My Coconut Journey

I’ve been reading up on the hype of coconut oil and coconut water and I must say it has me a little curious. There is so much information and testimony out there about the many benefits of coconuts. It’s apparently a very good source of moisture for your hair, skin and overall hydration. However, as you can’t believe everything you read, I decided to test it out for myself. I bought a jar of virgin, cold pressed coconut oil for the purpose of my experiment and tried a couple of different coconut water drinks. Here’s what I have discovered so far: Continue reading

My Favourite Five: Phoebe Quotes

I love Phoebe as a character because she’s sassy, childlike and tough and just when you think you’ve got her all figured out she throws out a one-liner that will either make you laugh or leave you with a mountain of questions. Here are my favourite Phoebe quotes:

5) “A promise between friends means never having to give a reason.” (Phoebe can be rather profound when she wants to be and quite the manipulator – poor Joey!)

4) Rachel: “Phoebe, do you have a plan?”
Phoebe: “I don’t even have a pla.” (Yep. There has been so many days like this.) Continue reading